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Standing Orders

You can now set up a standing order from your Tuxedo MasterCard® Prepaid Card/eccount, if you need to pay a set amount on a regular basis. This facility will help you to keep track of your finances, manage outgoings more efficiently and help to ensure that you do not miss payments. Standing orders cost only £1 each.

Once set up, Standing Orders are active within 2 working days, if you require your standing order to be active next day then please contact Customer Care. You must ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the standing order cost and the £1 standing order charge for it to process correctly. If your standing order fails you will be charged a £5 admin fee.

Please note that transfer is not instant, it can take up to 3 working days - please consider this when setting up your standing order to ensure the recipient receives the funds when required.

To set up your standing order, please log-in online, or click here to download the standing order form.

It’s easy to set up in three easy steps by logging into your eccount,

1. Log-in to your eccount

2. Select the ‘More Services’ tab

3. Select the "Standing Orders" tab and "Create New Standing Order"

This great new service is now live, so why not set up a standing order from your Tuxedo Card/eccount today and take away the worry of remembering to make payments on a regular basis.


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